Hi! My name is Dr Ayo and
I am an Integrative Health Coach

I help my patients reverse chronic health condition using the combination of contemporary and complementary medicine which involves diet & lifestyle adjustment, nutritional supplementation, etc

Integrative Nutrition

He uses nutrition's best practices to help create healthy prevention habits and ailment reversal regimen considering clients' digestive health, root cause of imbalance, genetic predisposition, and physiological factors for disease.

Health Consultation

He gives clients and community members access to regular health advice and education in a simple and layman language, online and offline

Meet Dr. Ayo

Dr. Ayo as he is popularly called, is a well-respected health coach and wellness professional with a verse background in nutrition, TCM, metabolic medicine, etc.

He has helped many patients achieve their desired health goals through a holistic, natural & n0n-invasive approach to treatment.

He is a leading consultant at Aves Specialty, an outpatient clinic, where he uses his extensive knowledge to create personalized health solutions for both adults and young people.

His expertise and guidance have enabled many clients reverse chronic health conditions and live a healthy, drug-free life.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Ayo is a thought leader known for his practical and progressive approach, as demonstrated through his articles, webinars, workshops, and speaking engagements.

He is also the founder of Living Healthy & Fine wellness community that give access to health education in a simple and easy to understand way, directly yo your phone, so that you can make better health choices.

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